About the PESO Employment Information System

The National Skills Registration Program (NSRP) is a Program initiated by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) with the main objective of maintaining a continuing nationwide skills registry through its Skills Registry System (SRS) database. It is an employment facilitation machinery of DOLE which aims to cover all the cities/municipalities with operating Public Employment Service Offices (PESO's).

The PESO Employment Information System (PEIS) is the enhanced version of the Skills Registry System. It is a database of active manpower supply containing the profiles of all persons and employers registered under the NSRP. It shows information on the qualifications and skills of the applicants as well as the job vacancies posted by the employers. This registry is maintained and updated by all participating PESO’s nationwide.

Bureau of Local Employment

The PEIS Web Portal is maintained by the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE), a bureau under the Department of Labor and Employment, which aims to improve the local labor and employment situation in the Philippines. Its mission is to promote full employment by facilitating access of Filipino jobseekers to local employment opportunities through policy researches, standards setting, strategy development, labor market analysis and provision of technical assistance to regional implementers in support of employment service operations.

Its vision is to become the center of employment service in Asia. In this end, the Bureau:

  • facilitates local employment through the PESO's and online employment facilitation engines in the like of PhilJobNet
  • commits to provide fast and effective employment service to jobseekers and clients
  • informs policy-makers, planners, and decision-makers with accurate, timely, and reliable labor market information

To learn more about the Bureau of Local Employment and its services, visit the BLE official website.